Wukong buffs, Aphelios nerfs, and more & More Latest News

Teamfight ways patch 12.18 official notes are out, and there shall be a slew of enormous and small modifications hitting the League of Legends-based board recreation.

Fans in search of an in depth description of the patch can search for Riot’s official web site.

Teamfight Tactics patch 12.18 highlights (Image via Riot Games)
Teamfight Tactics patch 12.18 highlights (Image by way of Riot Games)

However, for a quick overview, listed here are all the key highlights.

Teamfight Tactics patch 12.18 official notes

1) Large Changes


  • Astral orb high quality now solely counts star ranges from distinctive items. Stacking duplicate 3-star 1-cost items gained’t end in a rise in high quality past the primary one
  • Astral Orbs high quality now will increase at each single star degree, fairly than at particular cumulative star degree “breakpoints.” This means common orb high quality is up throughout the board. Item elements and full gadgets can drop sooner than earlier than.
  • Cannoneer cannon shot Attack Damage ratio: 150/300/475% >>> 150/250/450%
  • Dragonmancer bonus Health: 250/600/900/1200 >>> 250/600/800/1000
  • Dragonmancer bonus Ability Power: 18/30/50/75 >>> 18/30/50/70
  • Mage Ability Power buff/debuff: 75/100/125/150% >>> 80/110/140/170%
  • Ragewing enraged Attack Speed: 50/100/175/250% >>> 50/100/150/250%
  • Shimmerscale merchandise, Crown of Champions cost up time: 6 >>> 5 sec
  • Shimmerscale merchandise, Determined Investor Gold granted: 10 >>> 15
  • Shimmerscale merchandise, Needlessly Big Gem Units per Gold: 3 >>> 2
  • Shimmerscale merchandise, Goldmancers Staff likelihood to proc: 33% >>> 40%
  • Shimmerscale merchandise, Goldmancers Staff base Ability Power & Mana: 15 >>> 20
  • Shimmerscale merchandise, Mogul’s Mail Base Health: 200 >>> 350


  • Wukong Crushing Blow Attack Damage ratio: 165/180/195% >>> 185/200/230%


  • Aphelios Attack Speed: 0.75 >>> 0.7
  • Kai’Sa Tidal Burst Damage: 35/55/75 >>> 40/60/85
  • Lux Cosmic Spark animation is now barely quicker
  • Lux Cosmic Spark Damage: 350/425/575 >>> 325/400/500
  • Lux Cosmic Spark now travels straight after hitting the preliminary goal
  • Zac Unstable Current Heal: 200/220/270 >>> 220/250/300


  • Nunu Consume Damage Amplification as True Damage: 33% >>> 20%
  • Nunu’s amplified Consume injury now not scales multiplicatively with Giant Slayer’s injury amplification
  • Volibear Relentless Storm third assault injury: 110/155/215 >>> 125/175/240
  • Zeri Watershock Laser Damage: 160/240/420 >>> 200/300/475
  • Zippy Bugfix: Zippy ought to more reliably assault the goal of Somersault Assault after solid
  • Zippy Attack Damage: 80 >>> 85


  • Daeja RE-REWORKED: Now offers bodily injury together with her passive Windblast barrages, and can now equip AD gadgets like Deathblade and Runaan’s Hurricane
  • Daeja Attack Damage: 0 >>> 20
  • Daeja Windblast passive Barrage Damage: 40/60/180 >>> 25/40/150
  • Shi Oh Yu Jade Form Damage Reduction: 15/20/50% >>> 20/25/50%
  • Shi Oh Yu Jade Form Attack Damage ratio: 230/250/1000% >>> 250/275/1000%
  • Sohm Tideblossom third solid vortex Damage: 275/375/1500 >>> 300/420/1500
  • Swain Dragon Master’s Decree lacking Health heal: 11% >>> 12%


  • Aurelion Sol Black Hole Damage: 325/550/4000 >>> 350/575/4000
  • Aurelion Sol Black Hole Damage enhance after 18 seconds of fight: 15% >>> 20%


  • Cutthroat (Assassin) Mana Reave: 50% >>> 65%
  • NEW Silver Augment: Dragonmancer Conference. Every 2 rounds, a random Dragonmancer seems in your bench. Gain a Kai’Sa.
  • Hero-In-Training (Dragonmancer) Buff share: 50% >>> 66%
  • Lucky Gloves: Frontline Attack Damage-focused champions will now obtain a more well-curated number of gadgets
  • Lucky Gloves: Now all the time grants full gadgets as an alternative of elements (even at earlier Stages)
  • Lucky Gloves: Removed some weaker choices to enhance the common energy of the Augment
  • Ricochet (Cannoneer) Bounce Damage Reduction: 33% >>> 40%
  • Verdant Veil Crowd Control immunity period: 15 >>> 20 seconds
  • Weakspot Armor Penetration: 20% >>> 10%

2) Small Changes


  • Scalescorn: Bonus Magic Damage: 15/50/115% >>> 15/50/100%


  • Karma Inner Flame Damage: 210/280/350 >>> 210/280/420
  • Nasus Fury of the Dawn Health Increase: 225/350/550 >>> 225/350/650
  • Nasus Fury of the Dawn Damage per second to adjoining enemies: 70/100/170 >>> 70/100/185
  • Sett Knuckle Down Attack Damage ratio: 150/155/160% >>> 150/155/170%


  • Jax Armor & Magic Resist: 40 >>> 45


  • Lee Sin max Mana nerf: 30/80 >>> 30/90


  • Sunlight Cape (Radiant) burn vary: 4 >>> 3
  • Bulwark’s Oath (Radiant) Shield period: 3 >>> 4 seconds
  • Bulwark’s Oath (Radiant) Ally Armor & Magic Resist: 30 >>> 35


  • Dragon Imperialist max Health execution threshold: 15% >>> 18%
  • Pandora’s Bench Gold: 5 >>> 7


Hyper Roll

  • Shimmerscale merchandise, Goldmancers Staff Base Ability Power: 15 >>> 20
  • NEW Dragonmancer Conference (Augment): Every spherical, a random Dragonmancer seems in your bench. Gain a Kai’Sa.

Bug Fixes

  • Our repair for the Skipping Stone Boom has been delayed to patch 12.19
  • Darkflight now sacrifices the champion when Darkflight is activated from a Darkflight unit being auto positioned onto the board on the finish of the procuring part when you have got an empty unit slot
  • Darkflight now exhibits the sacrifice hex and chain VFX for away gamers and ghosts correctly
  • Cult growth: Fixed a uncommon subject the place ghost armies might have a number of sacrificed champions and thus achieve a number of gadgets
  • Undeserved credit score: Nilah now not resets if her goal dies from injury apart from her spell.
  • Zippy ought to more reliably assault the goal of Somersault Assault after solid
  • Nilah now recasts on the closest unit fairly than the farthest when she will get a reset
  • Nilah now correctly recasts when she kills a cornered goal.
  • Nilah’s injury ought to now line up higher together with her animation.
  • Freebies: Mirage (Pirate’s Bounty) now not grants a chest after NPC rounds.
  • Pandora’s Bench and Recombobulator will now pull the proper variety of items from the pool when remodeling 2* and 3* items.
  • The following Augments will now not be supplied to gamers who picked Built Different: Age of Dragons, Ancient Archives II (Ancient Archives I is already blacklisted), Dragon Imperialist, Dragon Soul
  • Hyper Roll: Fixed a bug the place you’d achieve further expertise throughout Treasure Dragon rounds.
  • Minor Tooltip Changes: Scalescorn tooltip replace to precisely symbolize how the trait capabilities.

Edited by Abhishek Mallick


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